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Heinz launched its first Tomato Ketchup in 1876.

Heinz was at the forefront of exploring natural preservation, and in 1906 was first to launch a Ketchup free from artificial preservatives.

By 1907, Heinz was producing 12 million bottles of ketchup per year, exporting ketchup all over the world, including Australia, South America, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK.

Heinz® Ketchup is a classic American icon that has been a part of families’ lives for more than 130 years. How much do you know about America’s Favorite Ketchup®? At what speed does Ketchup exit the iconic glass bottle? Learn this and other fun Heinz® Ketchup facts.

From the Organic, Reduced Sugar and No Salt Added varieties, to the iconic
14 oz. glass bottle and the latest Fridge Fit™ bottle, Heinz® Ketchup delivers what consumers know and love in a variety of choices.

Grown Not Made!

Heinz® Ketchup Retires the Pickle from its Label after 110 Years

The gherkin pickle, which has been featured on Heinz® Ketchup labels since the 1890s, is making way for a vine-ripened tomato and a tagline that clearly communicates that the tomatoes in Heinz® Ketchup are Grown Not Made.  This label change underscores our commitment to quality and superior ingredients, and highlights the true hero of our iconic brand, the tomato.

Pure Food. Pure Good.

Heinz has been heavily involved in government food laws and was an original advocate for the adoption of The Federal Pure Food and Drug Act established in 1906, which made sure food was labeled correctly, among other food safety measures.
Also, Heinz was the first company to manufacture non-benzoated Ketchup, free from chemical preservatives. Heinz makes sure that only quality ingredients are in all of its products.


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